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Article: New Year, New Skin Barrier

New Year, New Skin Barrier

New Year, New Skin Barrier

Is your skin already feeling dull, dry or irritated from the start of winter? Are you in need of a change in your skincare routine? We’re here just in time with a step-by-step guide to care for your skin barrier in the New Year, and help you feel fresh and radiant!

What is Your Skin Type?

Determining your skin type can do wonders for your barrier. From oily/problem skin to dry/more irritation-prone, Epionce has created a moisturizer for every one. Our Renewal products help reduce the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging, and is expertly formulated to improve skin clarity and radiance for more healthy-looking skin. Try our Renewal Lite Facial Lotion if you have more oily skin, or our Renewal Facial Cream for dry/sensitive to normal skin.

Let Sleep Work For You

The skin barrier undergoes a natural renewal process during sleep that focuses on replenishing and maintaining its protective function. To support this, choose a product that rejuvenates while you get a good night’s sleep. Our Intensive Nourishing Cream contains barrier-boosting botanicals like Acacia Seed, Maca Root and Green Algae, and powerful ceramides that help reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin radiance. We recommend slathering on a layer before bedtime for best results.

Add Clarity and Conditioning

Toners are often a forgotten step in an everyday skincare routine. But our Balancing Toner, consisting of a concentrated blend of botanical extracts and humectants, refines skin texture and gives the skin a surge of moisture all while removing any traces of dirt, oil, makeup and other surface impurities. The best part? This toner works hard without contributing to skin’s dryness or irritation, a real plus for the harsher winter months! Indulge in this alcohol-free formula and give your skin a surge of moisture in the New Year…you deserve it!

Give Your Hands Some Love!

It’s easy to forget that our barrier, the outermost layer of our skin which protects us from the outside world, covers our entire body…not just our face. When winter hands are often chapped, irritated and dry, it’s time to consider a Restorative Hand Cream that can help hydrate and renew. Our quick-absorbing, non-greasy cream helps reverse the visible appearance of imperfections and signs of skin aging on the hands. Infused with potent botanicals, it will leave your hands feeling incredibly soft, smooth and more youthful-looking…even in the depths of the darkest and coldest months!

Want to learn more ways to freshen up your New Year skincare routine? Contact one of our Epionce Pros — trained skin care professionals who will provide in-person guidance tailored to your needs.

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